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Title: Volunteer to Star in Epiphany in a Minute

Help us Connect with our Community and Shine!

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Are you eager to actively participate in our church community while showcasing your acting and speaking talents? Your opportunity has arrived! We are looking for dedicated volunteers to take center stage in our Epiphany in a Minute weekly announcement video. These cherished videos are our primary means of keeping our congregation informed about the exciting happenings at the Church.

Our goal is to use each video to inform and inject energy and fun into the lives of our members. To achieve this, we’re seeking a diverse and engaging group of individuals who can connect with our Church and community members. The best part is that you don’t need prior acting experience; you only need the courage to read from a provided script on a teleprompter. We will schedule filming sessions at your convenience during the week and provide you with all the necessary support, time, and guidance to help you shine.

We are actively seeking more volunteers because having a cast that represents various church members underscores the vibrancy and warmth of our community. This, in turn, makes us more appealing to potential new families.

If you’re excited about this opportunity, please reply to this email, and we will contact you shortly to schedule a suitable time. Your participation will be cherished, and we appreciate your dedication to our church family.

Thank you for considering this opportunity!