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Title: What are our New Year’s Resolutions?

How Can We Further Engage, Encourage, and Enrich Each Other?
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Reply to This Email and Give Us Your Thoughts on How We Can Further Engage, Encourage, and Enrich Each Other

Last week, Pastor Muchow released a heartfelt message about our church in the New Year. In the video, he mentioned that we as a church have become more intentional about “Our Three-Fold Mission to EngageEncourage, and Enrich each other and the community.” That got us in the front office thinking: if we were to continue with the intentionality and mission of our church, what should we make sure we accomplish in 2022?

So we decided to ENGAGE with all of you and ask you directly!

What can we do individually, as a family, as a church, and ultimately as a community to Engage, Encourage, and Enrich each other? What should our New Year’s resolutions be?

To give us your thoughts, reply to this email. Your thoughts are valuable and may help us create programs and strategies to help accomplish the goal.

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